Digital Book Design and Publishing Cover Digital Book Design  and Publishing by Dr. Douglas Holleley
Elmira Heights, New York and Rochester, New York.
Clarellen and Cary Graphic Arts Press, 2001.
ISBN 0970713800


ONTRARY to futurists’ predictions that computer culture would mark the demise of the book, electronic technologies, by changing the way books are produced and distributed, are creating a renaissance in book culture. At least as significant to print publishing as Gutenberg’s moveable type in its time, electronic, or desktop, publishing has brought the tools of book production to anyone who owns or has access to a personal computer. Add a scanner and printer, page layout and image processing programs and you have, at your desktop, a means to work with typography, images and page design undreamed of fifteen years ago. This book covers all the essentials of digital bookmaking for photographers, artists, designers and for writers who want to move beyond the manuscript to the page. Based on his years of work as a photographer, bookmaker and teacher, Douglas Holleley has developed a clear and considered approach to “Digital Book Design and Publishing.” You will find a progression through the process of bookmaking, from a consideration of maquette and materials through printing and bookbinding, as well as a step-by-step guide to page layout and image processing software. A rich and varied selection of reproductions from historical and contemporary illustrated books and artists’ books places digitally produced books in a historical continuum.


"A book for lovers of books and bookmaking, well-written by one who himself loves books and bookmaking, the first such book in a very long time. It is a handsome production, designed by Holleley with stunning photographic reproductions and finely rendered illustrative matter."

Parenthesis 7, November 2002
The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association.
Reviewed by Gerald Lange

"Well designed, sumptuously illustrated, persuasive, authoritative and witty, this book will remain the definitive text for a long time to come."

ABC. The Australian Book Collector, November 2001
Reviewed by Jadwiga Jarvis

"Holleley has produced two books in one. First, an explicit, comprehensive textbook covers every aspect of digital book production from concept to binding. Second, a visual tour de force illustrates the book production process with beautiful examples of books from recent artist books to
historical printed artifact.s"

From Design Research News
Reviewed by Ken Friedman

"Holleley's new book Digital Book Design & Publishing is a masterful vision. An important book for educators. College and University level graphic design, printing, publishing and even journalism curricula planners should seriously consider integrating this book into their plan."

The Design Bookshelf
Reviewed by Fred Showker

"In his new book Douglas Holleley creates singularly unique, highly energetic, absolutely delightful, intersections between the art of the visual book, digital photography and book design."

Reviewed by Judy Natal, Columbia College (IL)

"Conceived as a practical guide within a conceptual framework, (Holleley) outlines a process of bookmaking over 12 clearly defined chapters."

Afterimage, September 2001
Reviewed by Are Flagan

This book is out of print.


Table of Contents
01: The Nature of the Book
02: The Process of Design
03: Typography
04: Setting Up
05: The Page Layout
06: Scanning
07: Correcting Images
08: Alternative Methods
of Acquiring Images
09: Printing the Book
10: Printing Substrates
and Materials
11: Binding the Book
12: Computers, Copyright
and the Law

The first chapter
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